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What is counter service?

 Started as a platform in newsletter form for food industry wunderkids to express their passions about food via prose, poetry, photography, or music, Counter Service has grown into a bimonthly online magazine about how life intentionally or unintentionally intersects with food. It is stories from people in, around, or simply all about food.

Stories about your first beer. Pool parties and the grill master. Stories of desserts falling from trees in Trinidad. Photo essays about dirty af kitchens and late night banana snaxxx.  Stories of tecates after work on rooftops in the LES dreaming about Mezcal in Puebla. It is pairing art and food and music and flowers. It is about booking tickets around the world and eating your way through it. 

Counter Service is admittedly not "cooked to perfection" or "perfectly seasoned." Instead, we're the thoughts, photographs, drawings, playlists, stories, and ideas on the edges of food.





Now taking submissions

The next deadline is July 1 for Issue 15: MEAT

Email us at: hello@counterservicemag.com


What does Counter Service look for?

 We take submissions of any kind, really. Counter Service is a platform where we like to talk about what happens around the table and the edges of the food world. That doesn’t mean you have to talk about food, but most likely it will come up in your submission at some point. We look for fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, poetry, playlists, photography, graphic design, vignettes, obsession pieces, illustration, and profiles of people/places/things/ingredients/etc.

Each issue does revolve around a central theme, but largely this theme is a guideline and not a rubric. If you feel so inspired to write/photograph/design something and it doesn’t fit our theme, let us take a look anyways and we’ll make it work some way or another. For examples, peep us on our website for the latest issue.


Cute, now what are the rules?

 Submissions can range from a 75-150 word “obsessed” piece to a 5,000 word essay. We love ‘em all.

 Have a full piece you want to toss our way? Ideally this piece hasn’t been published anywhere else, first. Second, maybe have someone take a quick glance over it before it pops up in our inbox. Third, hit send.

Really wanting to submit but don’t know what exactly is calling your name? Pitch us. Send us an email with a few ideas that you are thinking of, and we will work closely with you to hone into the best format, length, and direction where you will shine.


Submission date: Acceptance

Submission are rolling, but typically the submission date will be two-four weeks prior to publication. If we accept your submission, we will work closely with you to edit and fine-tune your piece to get it shining like the diamond that it is. If we chose to not run with your submission for that particular issue, we will try to work with you over the follow weeks to work it into future issue.


Themes on the drawing board (get at us) 

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