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Letter From the Editor


Letter from the Editor: Comfort

Josh Hamlet  



I have always been interested by the concept of comfort. I don't know if two people have the same idea of what "Comfort" is – mashed potatoes or fish soup // camping or cabana // silence or blasting music // crocs or chelsea boots.  


I even went so far as to tattoo that word on me. Well... close enough. I have the word “uncomfortable” tattooed on my forearm and it’s the tattoo that I probably skip over explaining the most.“This tattoo is for my family, this is to remind me that there is beauty in the things you do every day, this one? On that one’s a mistake and that? Uncomfortable? Well, anyways.”

Short answer is:  I got the word uncomfortable tattooed on me to remind myself that there is no growth in comfort.

And that’s a bit of what this issue is exploring: what is comfort; what is it to be comfortable around food, around cooking, around our routines? What is it to take comfort in the uncomfortable? Can the idea of comfort food change or must it be that casserole or plate of fried something that your grandparents used to cook (for me, string beans and angel food cake…).

The idea of comfort is a tricky one; we simultaneously all crave that sense of comfort and also push ourselves, sometimes, to uncomfortable lengths to achieve it. 

I can say that I am SO proud of each author, illustrator, and plain ol’ artist that came together for this issue. I’ve screamed “THAT’S EXACTLY CORRECT” several times reading over everything, so please PLEASE please take some time with this issue. It means the words to us.