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VHH Event

Vinegar Hill House's Back Yard

Vinegar Hill House's Back Yard


COUNter service + Vinegar Hill House



Monday, July 31, Counter Service is hiding out in Vinegar Hill House’s backyard for an evening of food, drinks, music, and surprise.  VHH Head Chef Bradley Schaffer will be creating an evening based on Counter Service’s August theme--Magic.  


There is just something about the summer heat that makes everything a little more magical -- be it that rose that quenches your thirst on another level, that dance-floor lust, or that sunset that paints the sky pastel pink and fire orange. These are the days that give Magical Realism life.

Come play with us in this little oasis with a 3-course, 6-dish, family style dinner, wine, and beers (because, it’s summer…). 



Monday, July 31

Vinegar Hill House’s Backyard

Two Seatings: 6:30pm & 8:45p

$75  family style dinner

$100 dinner, beer and wine


Tickets are limited and available now, here!