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So, Edition Zero is off to the printers. 

With our 30+ contributor’s insanely gorgeous works listed in the table of contents. I cannot be more humbled to know each and every one of these movers and shakers and industry shapers. Y’all are the people we should be talking about ALWAYS.

In Edition Zero, we are reformatting those stories that made Counter Service what it has become, and pairing them with recipes from iconic chefs from all over the world.

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 Image provided by Eat Me. Drink Me. 

Image provided by Eat Me. Drink Me. 

On the Tips of our Tongues 

An ode (or odes) to the things we can’t stop talking about, and by in large inform how we’ve been talking to any and everyone.

XO -- Counter Service Community

 Photograph by Josh Hamlet

Photograph by Josh Hamlet

Now Serving: Thoughts and Opinions 

Who better to serve up proper thoughts and opinions on new and old and great and strange restaurants? With just a few years of working in restaurants under our belts, we've got a few ideas and way too much love for those in the game. This week: 5 Days in LA.  

 Photograph by Sarah Boisjoli 

Photograph by Sarah Boisjoli 

Confirming Your Reservation 

Hi, this is Josh Hamlet calling from Counter Service to confirm your reservation for the Edition Zero release Party. Please call or email back to confirm. 



Aux Chord: Heavy Heat

Let Counter Service grab your Aux chord for an hour or two. Every month we ask someone from our musically studious community to put together a playlist for the month. This month: Josh Hamlet. 

You know when it’s so hot out that you feel heavy / weighed down? Right, this playlist has got that late-night, hot and sticky, am I on a rooftop or in a warehouse in Brooklyn dancing with a tequila soda in my hand kind of vibe, with a touch of is-that-the-sunrise to it.


Next Up: MEAT 

Issue 15 is just around the corner and we're talking about all things MEAT: Big Macs, the Atkin's diet, Veganism, you name it. If it has to do with meat, or lack there, we want to talk about it. You have something you want to throw into the conversation? Hit us up.