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Photograph by Josh Hamlet

Photograph by Josh Hamlet

Aux Chord Take Over

I don't know about you but so far in 2019 I've been in freezing temperatures and lying on a public beach in the Caribbean where I was the only one there...

So I put this month's playlist together in hopes that it helps balance out the highs and lows of this already-wild year. 


Photograph by Josh Hamlet

Photograph by Josh Hamlet

Thoughts and Opinions: Paris 

Zach, Sarah, and Josh just got back from Paris. They have some thoughts and Opinions about this iconic city.

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CS @ home

One Monday a month, Counter Service will host a small, invite-only  dinner party. We’re basically trying to get a bunch of creative and dope people together to eat new food, drink new wine, and hang. There are no requirements, just really we wanted smart people in the same space. 


Meet Issue 15: MEAT

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Next Up: we’re heading into the land of SERVICE. Interested in submitting an essay, poem, story, photograph, illustration? Hit us up. Deadline is January 6, 2019. Happy New Year.