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Meet Issue 15: MEAT

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Edition Zero is out now.

Get your limited edition copy online & at pop up events around the country.

 Image provided by Erika Beth DaSilva

Image provided by Erika Beth DaSilva

On the Tips of our Tongues 

An ode (or odes) to the things we can’t stop talking about, and by in large inform how we’ve been talking to any and everyone.

XO -- Counter Service Community

 Photograph by Sarah Boisjoli

Photograph by Sarah Boisjoli

we’d recommend: Cabin Service 

Cabin Service is, at its core, notes on travel. Notes about an unplanned trip that becomes the template for future travel. Notes about where friends should go see if they ever get to Charleston or Santa Fe or Seoul. Notes about how travel has changed someones way of looking at their own town. Cabin Service is not lists of the top ten places to see, or cheapest ways to get to Barcelona. Cabin Service is dope, and run by Sarah Boisjoli. 

And we think you should know about it, and get into it. 

 Photograph by Snowe Home

Photograph by Snowe Home

Confirming Your Reservation 

We’re about to ramp up our events this fall and winter, and we can’t wait to party / eat / drink / meet y’all.

For more info, sign up for the newsletter. To host one yourself, send us an email. XO



Aux Chord: 7 in the mornin

Let Counter Service grab your Aux chord for an hour or two. Every month we ask someone from our musically studious community to put together a playlist for the month. This month: Josh Hamlet. 

Y’all the sun is coming up way too early. Pour me a mug of mulled wine, or apple cider, depending on the time of day.



Issue 15 is just around the corner and we're talking about all things MEAT: Big Macs, the Atkin's diet, Veganism, you name it. If it has to do with meat, or lack there, we want to talk about it.

Next Up: we’re heading into the land of SERVICE. Interested in submitting an essay, poem, story, photograph, illustration? Hit us up.