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Counter Service Events


Counter Service strives to be more than an online food publication -- we look to cultivate community, create art and curate experiences. One way to strike this balance is just getting together every once in a while and gather around a table or dance your ass off at a dope party. 

In the past year, Counter Service events have looked like dance parties, family style dinners accompanied by a cello performance, hidden restaurants in restaurants, tasting menus paired with literature, or special menus at incredible restaurants all in the most magical spaces (be they backyards, rooftops, restaurants or loft spaces).

We are open to collaborations, inspiration, hosting events, or just hanging out over a bottles of delicious wines with y'all. 


Interested in hosting an event? Interested in throwing an event of your own and want assistance or guidance? 

 Shoot us an email at hello@counterservicemag.com.