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5 Days in LA

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5 Days in LA || California 

Josh Hamlet 


Los Angeles is one of those cities that, as a New Yorker, I'm not supposed to like.

But... I'm kinda over those "you're supposed to like or hate" things (see: anything Eater keeps labeling as "Viral" food...what in the fresh hell...). Also, who can say no to a city that's sunny as hell, has plenty of delicious restaurants, legit beaches and hikes, and a lot of your friends? 

As just having stepped off a red-eye from LA, I wanted to put together a little "list" of sorts of places that I loved, that were recommended to me, and that I think you should know about. This is not a "best of" but rather a "you will have a dope restaurant-food time on this list". 

So, if you have a few days in LA, take a quick look over this, mix & match & have a great time, brah. 

*Note: when I did this itinerary, I was staying in Echo Park… so plan and adjust accordingly* 


Breakfast at Dinosaur Coffee
Lunch at Republique
Dinner at Night + Market Song

Tag On: Beers at Little Dom’s

Brunch at Sqirl
Lunch on the Go after the Getty
Dinner at Salazar

Tag On: Palisades
Tag On: Eames House

Breakfast at Dinette
Snacks at Hollywood farmers
Lunch at Gjusta
Dinner at Pine and Crane

Tag On: Venice and Santa Monica 


Breakfast at Dinosaur
Lunch at Jon & Vinny's
Dinner at Kismet

Tag on: Griffith Observatory Hike
Tag on: Botanica for 5pm Wine in the backyard

Breakfast at Honey, HI
Lunch at Trois Familia 

Dinner at Malibu Farms Restaurant
Dinner at Animal

Tag On: Drive to Malibu
Tag On: Point Dume Beach
Tag On: Sunset at Point Dume


Also of note, as experienced during other trips to LA
Petit Trois