c o u n t e r  s e r v i c e

Champagne Savart

An excerpt from Champagne Savart + Apologies 
photos and words by Sarah Boisjoli 


...Let. Me. Break. It. Down. 


  1. Invite thirsty friends to tiny West Village apartment completely devoid of natural light.

  2. Set props and lights

  3. Realize cats have infested set. Wrangle cats away from set. Re-set set. Say “set” one more time.

  4. Apologize to thirsty friends. Throw some tequila at that problem.

  5. Make note about writing tequila blog in near future.

  6. Get back the fuck on track. 

  7. Pop Champagne. PAUSE. Wine, especially Champagne like Savart, is crafted, from vine to bottle, in painstaking fashion by farmers and artisans that pour their lives and love into the process. Open it with some reverence, empathy and respect for the care that went into producing the wine in the bottle. Cut away the foil. Cover the cage with your thumb and turn the key to loosen it (6 times if you’re sober enough to count). Grasp the cage and cork with one hand and very slowly turn the bottle from the bottom. Let the CO2 in the bottle do the work of slowly pushing the cork free for you. Or saber it.

  8. Pour it on your tits. JK. Or not. But like, pour it into something. Fake footnote: champagne coupes were modeled after Marie Antoinette’s…décolletage. So I’m not being totally inappropriate. However, I prefer a white wine glass. Better for tasting, smelling and not spilling and feels a bit more approachable and democratic than a flute. 

  9. Pair it with something cute (ie: oysters, caviar, fried chicken, Netflix, your mother-in-law). Champagne pairs beautifully with quite literally everything. One of many reasons why I feel justified in endorsing it as a daily drinker.

  10. Share with thirsty friends. Or don’t.

That last step is the most important. Wine is a living, breathing thing. Much like a human. So share that shit. Get social. Revel in it….

...I think the point that I’m making is that we are a society that chases hedonism. And we should. We all work super hard. And Champagne is one of the absolute perfect material manifestations of the indulgence we crave. This bottle of Savart retails for around $60. When you consider that your Kombucha from the bodega retails for $6 and that your Gucci mules retail for $600, Champagne is actually a super approachable way to uh, treat yo-self. It’s luxurious. And luxury feels fucking good. And tastes even better.