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Frank Ocean And Dranks

Frank Ocean and dranks

By Kelvin Uffre


When Frank dropped three pieces of art in the span of 24 hours, I was hooked.

I had to listen to everything out there, I had to try to get my hands on Boys Don’t Cry (okay I didn’t get a copy, but I’m still hoping), and I had to memorize every damn line of that album. Soft. Sparse. Overwhelmingly nostalgic. Emotional. Gorgeous. I couldn’t stop talking about Blond. I asked Kelvin to have a few listens through the album and pair the feeling of the album with some bomb cocktails. I can’t say these cocktails are your typical, so maybe I should put a parental advisory on them? Or maybe we’re all adults and these are a perfect pairing. — J.H.

“Nikes” Track 1

1oz Lean Batch (see Below)
Top with Lemon-Lime soda
2 drops of Melatonin
Darnish with lime Wedge

Serve in 16oz RED plastic cup

Lean Batch
4 table spoons of fruit punch Koolaid
8oz Elisir Novasalus
8oz Malort
8oz 151 rum

Ferrari Bianco
“White Ferrari” Track 14

1 oz White Armagnac
1oz fresh pressed white grape juice
.5oz Genepi
Serve in Opulent milk glass over hand cracked ice
Garnish with pearl necklace dusted in White Ferrari powder (see: above)

White Ferrari Powder
1 pint caffeine powder
1 pint powder sugar
1/2 pint citric acid

“Solo” Track 5

1.636ml Sour Diesel smoked Brandy
.2574oz vanilla Demerera syrup
Dash aromAtic bitters to taste

Serve in large brandy snifter(warm)
Wrap outer layer of vanilla Dutch cigar around stem of glass.
Enjoy with a blunt...solo.