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Aidan O’Neal
Aidan was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. He started cooking professionally while a young man, in Montreal, to support his art school habit. He eventually dropped art school, though not art, when he discovered he actually preferred his day job. He cooked in some of Montreal’s best restaurants: Au Pied du Cochon, Toqué! And Le Petit Italian. Aidan still paints.

In 2010, after five years of cooking in Montreal, O’Neal relocated to New York City to work for Chef Hugue Dufour at the legendary French-Canadian diner, M. Wells (best new restaurant in America, Bon Appetit magazine) in Long Island City, Queens. In 2012, O’Neal opened M. Wells Dinette (2 stars, NY Times) as Chef de Cuisine, and had a key role in opening M. Wells Steakhouse (1 Michelin star) in 2013.

In 2015 Aidan left M. Wells to travel in Italy and to perform an extended stage at London’s legendary River Café. He returned to New York in the late fall to open Cafe Altro Paradiso (2 stars, NY Times) for the Matter- House Restaurant Group in the capacity of Chef De Cuisine.

O’Neal currently lives in Greenpoint. Chez Ma Tante will be Aidan’s first step into the limelight.

Amelia Telc
Amelia Telc is a New York and Hudson Valley based private chef, caterer and consultant. Telc grew up cooking and began her professional career at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco as a pastry cook. From there she moved to New York and worked under Ignacio Mattos before switching focuses and becoming a line cook at Mission Chinese Food in New York. Eventually she returned to her love of baking and pastry at M Wells in Long Island City, both at their Quebecois style steakhouse and Dinette in MoMA PS1. For the past two years she has been cooking for private clients in the Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard as well as consulting for cafes and restaurants in New York City. Most recently Telc started an event services company with her long time friend and florist, Taj Robinson.

Most importantly, she loves her dogs and a good martini.

Matthew Kudry
If you’re looking for a real-life version of poise, grace, and style, look for the tall drink of water pouring wine at Flora Bar on the Upper East Side in the Met’s newly re-opened Breuer Building.

Kelvin Uffre
Kelvin Uffre has distinguished himself in his field by focusing on hospitality through education. Delicately balancing obscure ingredients and rare spirits with those flavors guests know best has become his hallmark over his 10 years working behind the bar. He thrives off conversation about how history, tradition, and geography influence drinking culture. He has refined his skills at the James Beard Awar

With features in the New York Times, Esquire, and The New Yorker, Kelvin has worked with a diverse set of partners; food and beverage operators, nation media outlets, and global brands. Currently he is behind the bar at Olmsted in Brooklyn, NY and as the New York Mixologist for Amaro Montenegro.

Moses Archuletta
Moses has what I’ve always wanted: a calm, musically oriented, gifted mind. And the chops to back it up. Right now he’s somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard playing some music with some peeps making other folks dance around or nod their head or whatever people do at concerts.

Mary Eannarino
Mary Eannarino lives in San Francisco. She still hasn't seen Titanic.

Mindy Cardozo
Mindy Cardozo grew up surrounded by oranges and alligators in rural Northern Florida. In college she studied Japanese literature, and while living in Kyoto fell in love with Japanese flower traditions. After moving to Brooklyn, she started the floral design studio Asphodel, which focuses on restaurants and rituals of any kind.

Brandon Giordano of James Veloria
James Veloria studio, run by the illustrious Brandon Giordano and Collin Weber, is a place to live out or inspire your ultimate fashion fantasy.  Visit in person in Bedstuy or at jamesveloria.com