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Music and Wine Pairings




We asked Michael, the cello extraordinaire that he is, to pair some of his favorite classical music pieces with a glass (or bottle) of wine. This is what his genius stream of consciousness mind came up with. — J&K

If we stay on a chamber music theme, in this order:

I. Maurice Ravel — String Quartet (there's only one) Mvt. 2, Assez vif, très rythmé
Texturally awesome, complex and not lacking mystery but with constant movement and brightness.

Couly-Dutheil; Blanc de Cab Franc, Loire.
With closed eyes, it's hard to guess what this is. Dark fruit, flowers past their prime. Any complex/challenging sparkling will do.


II. This is the hard one — I WANT to say Franz Schubert — Piano Quintet in A Major; the Trout Quintet, Mvt. 1

With... a clean Gewürztraminer or dry Tokaji, or something else from the actual region of composition that ACTUALLY goes with trout, but it all seems too obvious. The movement has generally fluid, forward-moving motifs, punctuated by ornate individual parts. My instincts initially pointed to a Chablis... something with flowers that aren't as easily accessible.


III. Anton Arensky — String Quartet No. 2 in Amin, Mvt. 1, Moderato

Very closely interwoven string parts, harmonically placed in ways that are contemporary, but which feel instinctive and natural, and somehow like the "old days."

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards; Syrah (or probably a few other moderate/cool climate northwest coast/Sonoma)

Full-bodied, throwing punches from nose to finish — smoke, plum jam, cedar, like grilled blueberries. Notes that ultimately ring a solid A minor.



Michael Fecskes, hailing from the Bay, has recently made his way to the East Coast with his cello and love of gatherings and wine in tow.