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Obsessed 8



New month, new sign, new obsession. 

We all go through phases where we cannot stop eating a certain thing, drinking a certain cocktail, or telling everyone that comes around us about this one magazine, article, or show. These are exactly those thoughts, feelings, emotions, tangible beauties we're currently obsessed with. XO


Nicolle Borrero
On the way to my friend Caroline’s house for dinner, I stopped by Vine Wine to pick up a couple of bottles of wine. It’s safe to say Caroline and I laid the foundation of our friendship over many bottles of bubbly, mostly grower Champagne. While debating the merit of a Blanc de Blancs vs Noirs, I noticed a “sparkling” Gewurztraminer from the Willamette Valley.  Thankfully, Caroline trusts my tastes and is always game for the weird stuff. Besides, all I ever want to drink lately are aromatic varietals. This bottle, from Montebruno Wine Co., was unfiltered, bone-dry and had just a touch of effervescence. Think fizzy lychee rosewater. When I checked with the shop to see how many bottles are left in stock it turns out there aren’t very many left. The winemaker didn’t intend to carbonate this Gewurzt; it was a happy accident!

Kristen Tauer
A few weekends ago, I went to a wedding in Tennessee and came back to New York with clothes reeking of campfire. You know that stale fiery smell that permeates everything after a late night of talking, wineing, s'mores, and pigroasts? I've discovered the shortest path back to all that is a cup of Lapsang Souchong. The pine-smoked black tea is intense when stacked next to the usuals - Earl grey or English breakfast? - but if you come across it, get it. I'll be over here pregaming the next outdoor fiyah sesh with some smokey tea.

Josh Hamlet
“The Most Exciting Restaurant in New York isn’t even a Restaurant” GQ’s Lili Goksenin writes about Joint Venture, the project helmed by Danny Newberg. And I’m obsessed. I’ve been for a little while now -- from his pop ups in Bovina to jump offs at Alameda in Greenpoint to Scribe Winery to Cala in SF, Danny and his team are killing the game. We interviewed him a few issues back but let me just get you up to speed: Joint Venture pops up in collaboration with restaurants or spaces to put on the dopest seafood driven nights. It’s exactly what we need right now and I can’t be happier to have them getting the recognition they deserve.   
I’m obsessed with Gucci’s marketing campaign, specifically on Instagram. I’m not sorry about it. Over the past few months they’ve stepped their game up in a significant, makes me want to buy their loafers kind of way. From the wild-life infused Italian scenes (giraffes included) to the 1970’s steeped cool-kids scenes with models that look like they should be in an Opening Ceremonies or ACNE Studios moment to the memes they recently did (#TFWGucci)... this campaign has me pushing past a group of tourists, a doe-eyed security guard, and a blockade to try on some damn shoes. Not to mention trying to make all of my friends buy them, too.
It’s Sunday. You walk into Lalito (formerly Lalo) helmed by the illustrious Gerardo Gonzalez. The space is gorgeous, clean, open, calming, exciting, and unique. The color scheme is ON POINT. The food is obviously ragingly good. The playlist is iconic (see: a lot of Sade and Janet Jackson). You have a few drinks and a few plates (I’m going to be mad if you don’t get the eggplant with Mojama and Vegan Caesar. Mad.). You make your way to the bathroom and Shania is playing. You come back to your seat and your friend comes back from the bathroom too and is like “OMG I LOVE THAT SHANIA IS PLAYIN IN THE BATHROOM” and you’re like, wait… is that shit on repeat? Yes. Shania on repeat in the bathroom. Legendary.