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Obsessed 9



New month, new countries to see, new obsessions to have. 

We all go through phases where we cannot stop eating a certain thing, drinking a certain cocktail, or telling everyone that comes around us about this one magazine, article, or show. These are exactly those thoughts, feelings, emotions, tangible beauties we're currently obsessed with. XO

Nicolle Borrero
In March I attended one of Tepuy Dining’s pop-up dinners in Williamsburg. The dining room of Egg restaurant was transformed into an intimate, candle-lit community table against a backdrop of classic Latin American music. Chef Adriana Urbina’s BYOB 7-course tasting menu showcased exquisite ingredients representative of her Venezuelan roots. Between the her cooking techniques and the warm service or her team, Chef Adriana left me with a thoughtful experience through care and good intention. Here’s the kicker: for each dinner ticket sold, Chef Adriana donates one month’s worth of school lunch to feed a Venezuelan child in need. The current economic and political crisis in Venezuela has reached a tipping point resulting in widespread famine and extreme scarcity of medical supplies, electricity, water, and infrastructure. Chef Adriana doesn’t forget where she comes from and uses her professional success to pay it forward. 

Sarah Boisjoli
So, IMHO, tweezers are for eyebrows and not for food. I’d seen photos of Virgilio Martinez’ food before and it didn’t particularly appeal to me because, I don’t really get into fancy “tweezer” food. That’s great that you turned that tomato into caviar or whatever but I’ll just take the tomato because it’s delicious and beautiful as it is. So when Chef’s Table profiled Martinez and his restaurant Central in Perú I wasn’t expecting to become so infatuated with not only the food but with each narrative behind every single dish. Virgilio and his research team make dining farm to table seem like fast food. They dig so deeply into their environment, culture, heritage and the landscape of their people and of Perú that even just watching it makes you feel more in touch with your humanity…and makes you desperate to go to travel to Perú.

Matt Feddersen
Former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, has a lager named after him which is pretty fitting for a guy that once held the record for skoling beer. The guy is actually like a character out of “The Simpsons”. He’s so quintessentially Australian that it’s kinda adorable. Even more adorable is the fact that a percentage of the profits from the beer go to Landcare Australia, an organisation the supports rural communities across the country.