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Thoughts and Opinions: Paris

Thoughts and Opinions: PAris


Zach, Sarah, and I just got back from a week in Paris. I have to say, I’ve been there a handful of times looking at the Eiffel Tower, finding quiet rooms in the Louvre, wondering about an ex-pat lifestyle on the grounds of the Rodin Museum, but I’ve never experienced Paris like I did last week.

This whole hedonistic gluttonous concept started back in October at Metta in Fort Greene. See, every Tuesday Metta does a half-off-Magnums-night. After a few weeks of trying to get us all together, with me being the predominant flake of the group (I’ll admit it), this Magnum night got us all together. After the whole bottle of  Cremant du Jura, we somehow were talking about France, and found out that Zach had never been. I reached into my pocket, opened up the hopper app, and checked for the cheapest flights to Paris. Zach bought his that night. Sarah and I followed suit the next day.

We started running a group text talking about what we were going to do, where we were going to go, what sites we might want to see, and really just came to the conclusion that we were going exclusively to eat and drink… everything.

On the daily, we started off with a handful of pastries, followed by a bottle or two of wine (damn it’s so nice to drink honest, natural, fucking good wine reasonably priced) and a two or three coursed meal, a stumble around the city basically on our way to a wine cave, followed by dinner and post-dinner drinks.

I walked away from that trip reinvigorated, and have been thinking a lot about what I think a restaurant should be. More on that soon.


In the meantime, here are our top 11 spots for food and/or drink:
*Note: we stayed basically on top of Parmentier metro stop*

Pastries @ Du Pain et Des Idees
Pastries @ Le Petit Grain

Lunch @ Mokonuts
Lunch @ Le Progrès
Lunch @ Le Comptoir

Anytime @ Aux Deux Amis

Pre-Dinner Snacks @ La Buvette
Wine @ Chambre Noire

Standing Dinner @ Deviant
Dinner @ Clown-Bar

Drinks @ Candelaria