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Puebla, Mexico
Quinn Rose Levine


Back a few years Quinn headed south of the border to Mexico to go check out Puebla and Mezcal making. I have to say... I couldn't have been more jealous. A work-trip down to Mexico to go learn how the smokey cousin to Tequila, Mezcal, is made? Ideal. Iconic. Classique.  Here's her email when she got back, circa 2015, and a the photographic proof that she did more than just hang loose with some TASTEY beverages and foods. -- XO Josh

On Mar 5, 2015, at 9:54 AM, Quinn Rose Levine wrote:

Hey guys!
I wanted to send some photos from the Palenque where we saw the whole mezcal making process. It was amazing. 

Everything was done by hand (or horse). Espadin piñas being brought off the truck to be axed in half. The rocks have been heating for days and smoking up a storm...The piñas are huge! And very heavy.

They create a circle around the rocks and are then covered by straw mats and smoked for four days.

When the piñas are nice and caramelized they are put in this deep cement hole where the piñas are grounded into a sweet pulp, covered and then fermented. The pulp is then removed to leave a sweet juice which is then made into one of our favorite elixirs!

This guy is squeezing a removing the fibrous pulp from the fermented liquid. The liquid is then put through a still under this hut.

The final product= incredible