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Diego Moya


To Understand Diego Moya, we must first understand what a Snack is. Devonn Francis articulates this... perfectly. 

An idiom. It is a common observation between most American linguists that “lookin like a snack” can be traced all the way back to 2014. The turn of phrase most likely erupted around the same time Rihanna stopped the world, showing up at the CFDA Awards in a basically-naked Adam Selman gown, dripping in swarovski crystals. When someone declares an individual is “lookin’ like a snack” they are positing the identified individual’s edibility. One is ready to be gobbled up—devoured. Ever since that moment, “lookin’ like a snack” has been co-opted in news feeds and timelines across the globe as a declaration of self love and solidarity between many notable groups such as Thirst Traps of Dallas and Thots-R-Us.


Diego Moya @ Hemlock: Snackalicious 

Per Devonn's definition: Diego Moya is lookin like a snack behind the line at the gorgeous new Hemlock in the LES of New York City.

Calm, poised, witty, passionate, devoted, talented, honest, and tasty as tell (aka the restaurant equivalent of dripping in jewels), Hemlock is the restaurant that New York has been needing for a minute.  

Having spent his days in dope ass kitchens from France to Gramercy Park (see: Casa Mono) to a hyper-focused supper club named Cure (with wine director Zach Ligas), Diego opened the doors to Hemlock just a month ago to focus on the vegetable. Really, that beautiful mind of his wants to utilize vegetables in every way possible to get a layered, full, and complete dish.
I can't praise Diego enough. When I get around a person and place that exude honesty, integrity, and grace -- I have a hard time not wanting to be around those people and places all the time. 

Go there. Go play there. Go eat the Kohlrabi and Onion and Sweet Potato Bread and Spinach. Go drink Zach Ligas' wine list (it's a treat, duh). Go listen to Grace Jones or Sister Nancy or Lil Kim. Go take a mirrored-ceiling selfie. Or just stop by to say hi to Diego, because that smile of his will light up your week.